A letter to our users...


     First of all welcome to RunUoScripts.com. I am so glad that you came. This website will soon be the home to hundreds of c# scripts that were designed or made for the RunUo Server software. We eagerly await Ryan's return back into the field again, and will support his efforts to get the project going again. In the mean time please join our community. If you do not get approved right away please be patient as we are working on website upgrades. We have maintained a runuo server since 2005, and look forward to seeing everyone! I can only assume that you are here for the scripts and software. Let me start by saying that we have several game clients availible for download, and we have loads of runuo software for editing and mainting a server. We also have a extensive script library too. Now for the great news. In order to access it until we impliment them on the website you will need to log into the game and find the Software Stone located in the town of Columbia, which is located in North Minoc. You can get there by gate or the old fashioned way. Once you find the stone in town jusat click it and a web browser will open up. Have fun, and we can't wait to see you soon!

Please send all emails to threeblindfish@protonmail.com