How to access our Software & Scripts…

First of all welcome to the new! We look forward to meeting and collaberating with all of you. Our game server is packed to run out of the box on virtually any Windows computer. Our game server is well balanced and contains all the webstones you need to access the downloads. You must access the main Linked gate from the entrance of the Bank when your char is created. You can access all of our script files only from within the game. Most of the time there is also supportive staff here to assist you. We are working on website forums as of press time. To play the game please go to, as the website contains all the instructions and the correct versions of the client software that you will need to download for running with the self contained server.

The out of the box game package includes the following features...

RunUo 1.0 Server software / with snap in script abilities

You can fully spawnable world within minutes! command: [spawner

Stand Alone Token System – located in backpack by default

House Placement Tool – located in backpack

Auto Resurrection on Death Stone – located in backpack and also part of basic package

Custom Region Creation! – Make your own custom regions with attributes.

Special Artifact Deeds, and Casting Deeds – Part of the basic package also, and in backpack also!

Ethereal Steeds and Rideable Creatures – Also in deed form as part of this run out of the box package!

A Evolution Dragon that can be mated to produce eggs! – Also part of the package

Linked Gates – [add linkedgates

NPC Sleep system to reduce lag – Built in sleep system to put all NPCs to sleep reducing lag and CPU usage!

[shrink command to shrink all pets and NPCs

Unlimited Skills with Powerscrolls unlimited coming soon!

A complete Token system with a Vendor stone also! [add vendorstone

Connect to these server settings with your uo loader such as Razor

hostname: / port: 2593

Game requires AOS / SE / or ML Edition

Other scripts not found in the welcome area can be accessed near the location of thier respective NPC in the player town of Columbia.